***New Auto Tower***

  • Multiple Emergency Shutdown Points
  • Equipped with a Safety Light Curtain and (2) Emergency Stop Buttons
  • User friendly
  • Higher productivity
  • Improved efficiency
  • Reduce operating cost (labor savings)
  • Time savings
  • More reliable
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Operated

Nester Box Inverter - Home

The Nester Box Inverter is the easiest way to handle bulk seed boxes. Designed to make life easier the Nester Box Inverter flips the seed box with the use of any forklift and is safer than manual flipping of the boxes. We offer a Manual Nester Box Inverter which is self-standing compact and allows for good maneuverability, the Power Nester Box Inverter, an automated box inverter and the Nester Tower. The Nester Tower is a fully programmable solution for rotating Buckhorn Seed Boxes. Many seed plants use the Nester Box Inverter to inspect, clean and wash boxes as well. We also offer a New Seed Box Opener to safely open the Buckhorn Seed Box lids. Call us today at (309)824-6312 and see how the Nester Box Inverter can make the job of handling bulk seed boxes easy and safe.