Nester Box Inverter - Testimonials

We have just received our first Nester. Every year we have gotten more seed boxes, and this year being up over 100. The seed suppliers are wanting them split down to return. We had been manually doing this, and it is awkward, and heavy after doing a few. We decided to proceed with the purchase after finding The Nester. From the first phone call to the delivery, it was a pleasurable experience. After using it for the first time today, I wondered why we did not get one a few years ago. Thank you Dick Haas. Your product looks well built, and it's easy to use. I am actually looking forward to flipping all the boxes we have to send back now.

Robert Sauder Fs Partners Drayton Ontario Branch - Canada

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The Nester Box inverter takes 90% of the work and strain out of having to break down boxes before they go on the return truck. This task is time-consuming and physically tasking and is a lot to ask of our busy District Sales Managers and their dealers. Not only does the Nester allow our sales team and dealers to stay focused on running their seed business, but it creates peace of mind and keeps them coming home safe each night.

Matt Pruett, National Sales Manager, Producers Hybrids

The Nester® has been widely reviewed and very well received via articles in Seed Today, Prairie Farmer, and the 1st Farm Credit Newsletter. It has also been voted one of the top 10 “Best in Show” at the National Machinery Show, in Louisville, Kentucky.

We purchased our first power nester nearly 7 years ago and with the thousands of boxes that we handle each year it has proven to be reliable piece of equipment. The main reason for us purchasing a Power Nester from DBH was safety, with the volume of boxes that we handle it is simply not worth the risk of an employee injury. The Power Nester changes the task from a two person operation to a one person operation and therefore increases our productivity. With increased volumes of boxes we have now purchased a second Power Nester based on its reliability and the excellent service that we get from DBH, they have always been quick to respond to our needs.

Kevin Kaiser, Plant Manager, Syngenta Seeds, Inc.

Safety and efficiency are "key" components to success. With the changes in packaging of seed going to more proboxes, different equipment is needed to handle the inventory. My seed business operation is all done by myself, so safety is a big concern. I purchased a Manual Nester several years ago. That has been the smartest investment I've made in 18 years!

Nicki McLain, Pioneer Sales Rep. in S.W. Kansas

Power Nester

Power Nester

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Manual Nester