Nester Box Inverter - Nester Box Inverter

The Nester® is manufactured to exacting standards, and the finished, patented product is powder-coated and thoroughly tested prior to shipment. The Nester® carries a 12-month warranty covering any manufacturing or workmanship defects and a 6-month warranty covering the electrical system used on the Power Nester®.

Many seed plants use the Nester® to inspect, clean and wash boxes. Some of these plants process more then 20,000 boxes annually. Buckhorn, Inc. the manufacturer of the box, has approved and promotes the Nester® as a safe means of handling the center flow box. In addition, the use of the Nester® substantially reduces the possibility of damage to the box which might occur by manual inversion.

The Nester® fits any forklift and the arms affix to the sides of the box, allowing the forklift to do the lifting. After rotation, the outer ring is lowered over the bottom ring. The process is reversed to set up the box for filling. The Nester® is easily transported and can be used at remote locations. If downtime does occur, we have a loaner available. In addition, we maintain inventory for most parts. Same day shipping is available.

Power Nester

The Power Nester® was designed to meet the demand for a more automated box inverter. The Power Nester® allows the forklift operator to close the arms, raise the outer ring, rotate it and lower it over the inner ring without leaving the forklift or requiring assistance. This is accomplished by using the control box conveniently located on the cage of the forklift. The operator can also stop the rotation at any time, allowing for the inspection, cleaning, etc. of the box. The 12-volt gear drive motor is equipped with a torque limiter, containing a breakaway. This breakaway substantially reduces the possibility of injury and/or damage to the box. Call it a box flipper/box rotator or box-denester, the Nester is a user friendly tool.

The design of the Power Nester® allows the forklift operator good mobility in tight quarters. The arms are fitted with special polyurethane fingers that engage the box as the arms are closed. The Power Nester® will square and align the box prior to closing the arms. Also, the sleeves, which receive the forks, are tapered for ease of installation on the forklift.

Removing the Power Nester® from the forklift is quick and easy. Just disconnect the power cord from the control box, set the Power Nester® down and back away. The Power Nester® is self-standing.

If the Power Nester® is to be used on an electric forklift, a pre-wired DC converter is available.

Manual Nester II

The Manual Nester® has been designed to provide many of the advantages which are afforded by the Power Nester®, and it provides an easy, safe, and economical way to invert center flow boxes.

The Manual Nester® is self-standing, compact, and allows good maneuverability in tight quarters. The arms are fitted with the same polyurethane fingers used on the Power Nester®. It is an ideal alternative for lower-volume operations.

As the operator pulls in, the Nester® will align the box. The box can be engaged anywhere on the outer ring. Both arms are closed in one easy motion by pulling the engagement lever. Just lift, rotate, and lower the outer ring. Release the arms and the job is completed in seconds.

The Nester Tower

DBH, LLC is proud to introduce The Nester Tower, a fully programmable, fully automated solution to handling the Buckhorn seed box. The Nester Tower is a stand-alone unit; a forklift is no longer required to operate the Nester.

  • Easily breaks down for transporation
  • Operates on 110 volt power
  • Can grip the box from the side or end
Power Nester